Eleanor & Park - Rainbow Rowell I love that this book takes place in 1986. I think it really lets the author include pop culture without worrying too much about the book eventually sounding dated - you've addressed that upfront, plus by writing about 1986 in 2010 you know which '86 references are still remembered.

I also loved both characters. I'm a sucker for flawed main characters - characters with integrity, but trust issues or a little vainity. Both Eleanor and Park have integrity, but neither are always perfect. BUT they are good together, flaws and all. I also loved the neither Eleanor or Park are gorgeous to everyone, they are just beautiful to each other.

This book is not a light read. My heart hurt reading about Eleanor's home life and even Park's at times. Both of there home situations were so real/believable that I know there are thousands of teens living in similar situations.

Bonus for me: this book is based in Omaha so there are references that I get that not everyone will. Sweet 98 is mentions. That was the top 40 radio station when I was in high school, but has switched formats since. There were a couple others.